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  • Jun 19 2014
    Starwood Capital Group to Acquire TMI Hospitality...
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  • Jun 16 2014
    TMI Hospitality Opens Residence Inn in Niles, Ohio...
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  • Apr 20 2014
    TMI Hospitality Hotels Honored by Marriott, Hilton, Carlson...
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“Employee Ownership” refers to the ownership of a business by its employees, generally through stock ownership of a corporation through an employee benefits plan. There are approximately 10,000 employee stock ownership programs (ESOPs) functioning in the United States with 10 million employee owners. This is 10% of the American workforce.

Research has shown that when employee ownership is combined with a management style that encourages employees to share ideas and information, companies grow 6-11% per year faster than otherwise would be expected.

TMI Hospitality believes that a company of owners will outperform a company of employees – anytime…anywhere…and appreciates the loyal efforts of its employees.  Adopting an employee stock ownership program (ESOP) and sharing the wealth through which colleagues and associates own 100% of the company; not through buying stock, but by remaining employed with the company and having stock shares freely allocated to their personal accounts.  Over time, the value of each employee owner’s stock account grows, and the longer you are a TMI Hospitality Employee, the larger your account becomes.

When you think like an owner – you do the things necessary to win; you make the extra phone call to ensure the guest is satisfied; you take pride in the appearance of your hotel as though it were your home.

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