Behind the Scenes of an Early Check-in

May 18, 2017

Picture this. You are on your way to a vacation you’ve been looking forward to for months. You’ve got it all planned out and can’t wait to get to your destination. You hit the road early, make great time, and arrive at your hotel well before check-in time. You want to get to your room and relax, but check-in time isn’t for a few more hours. What happens now? The best thing to do is to ask ahead of time for an early check in. As hard as they try, most front desk associates aren’t mind readers, so unless they receive a special request from a guest, they aren’t able to prepare accordingly. Follow us on the journey as we discover how early check-in requests are handled. 

A hotel receives an early check-in request from a guest. Whoohoo! A chance to make a guest’s day by allowing them a few extra hours of relaxation. Why wouldn’t we jump in the air with excitement and say yes every time? As much as that would delight us, there are many factors that go into being able to honor those requests.

  • When a hotel is sold out the prior night, there are many rooms that need to be cleaned before the next night’s guests arrive. At many hotels, check-out time is 11 a.m. or noon, which only gives us a few hours to prepare the rooms before the posted check-in time. This can hinder our ability to get a guest checked in early, especially if we have received multiple requests.  However, if the hotel was fairly empty the night before, it is more likely your room will be available early, as it may not have even been used the night before. There is also the possibility of guests requesting late check outs that morning, which means we can’t get into those rooms early to clean them before you arrive.  


  • Just like in every line of work, sometimes our housekeepers aren’t feeling great and have to use a sick day. As much as it pains us that this can affect our guests, we also want our team members to get the rest they need. That means there are more rooms for our other housekeepers to clean, which will take them longer than usual. 


  • Finally, the type of room you requested can also be a factor. If you requested a king room, but all we have available at the moment are queens, that won’t work. But, if you are flexible in your room choice, many times we can work some magic.

Low and behold the fates are on your side today, and we are able to get you that early check in you requested. Happy guest, happy staff, happy life. That’s a saying, right? Keep in mind, an early check in can never be guaranteed, but we will work hard to make them happen. If you’re willing to
be flexible, it never hurts to ask for one. It also never hurts to ask for a framed picture of Morgan Freeman on your nightstand in case you don’t like to travel with yours. But remember, you have to ask, because most of us are not mind readers!