Who is TMI Hospitality?

May 4, 2017

Has this ever happened to you?  You stayed at a Fairfield Inn one week and a different Fairfield Inn the next week, and had two completely different experiences?   If it has, it’s likely that they were managed by different companies.  Enter TMI Hospitality!  We’re the ones behind the scenes that most people don’t even know exist. We are a hotel management company that runs nearly 200 hotels in 26 states.  You might have already stayed in one of our hotels and not even realized it!   We take care of everything from ordering new bed linens to making sure the hotel’s website is  accurate. The majority of our portfolio consists of Marriott and Hilton hotels, but, we also manage Choice, IHG, Carlson, Hyatt and Best Western hotels too. (Diversity is the spice of life!)  And we’re no new kids to the block, either.  We know a thing or two about hotels since we’ve been managing them since 1982.


While the franchises (Marriott, Hilton, etc.) set standards for each hotel to follow, there is leeway in how they are executed by management companies.  What many people don’t realize is that hotels are like restaurants.  Franchises say “We’ve got this awesome business model we want to bring to your area, but we need people to run it and do the day-to-day activities, and we’ll let you put our well-known name on the outside so people know exactly what they are getting.  A common misconception that we hear is, because we manage a Fairfield Inn in one city, we must manage the  Fairfield Inn in the next city.  While world domination is something that we would consider pursuing someday, that’s just not how it works in the hotel world.


Remember our scenario at the beginning: great experience over here, not so great experience over there?  Let’s go ahead and assume your great experience was at one of our hotels. The biggest wildcard in any hotel is its people.  Since everyone at our hotels work for TMI, we hire people that fit with our mission of Impressing Guests®.  That’s right, our mission is to impress guests! And we’re not just saying that, either! Our team members are always working to make sure that when you stay at a TMI Hospitality hotel, you feel at home when you’re away from home. Every year, we receive numerous awards from our franchise partners in recognition of our outstanding service.  We’re kind of like the Chicago Bulls of the 90’s.  #Winning


So why does this matter to you?  Chances are you’ve stayed in a hotel or two in your lifetime.  Or maybe you will be staying in one soon.  If you’ve never paid attention to the company that’s managing the hotels you stay in, it’s never too late to start.  You may even start to notice trends, like in our case, award-winning trends.  Or you’ll realize that some management companies just don’t bring their “A” game, while others knock it out of the park every time.   Either way, if you find a company you like, stick with them.  Did we mention we have hotels in 26 states?  And if you realize those other hotels you’ve been choosing just aren’t cutting it, maybe it’s time to give us a try!